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Create Pokémon
Upload to 3DS or 2DS

Full support for the following games:
Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Sun, Moon

Completely Wireless

Simple and easy to use app, monsters are transferred with QR Codes straight to your game

Boost Your Power

Edit your Pokémon's moves, stats, abilities, natures and much more

Smogon Import

Import the ultimate sets from Smogon University and upload directly to your game

Packed with amazing features

Ready to start!... Simple, effective iPhone app

Generation 6

Create any Pokémon you choose, including Hoopa!

Save Pokémon sets

Save sets offline for uploading later

Share Pokémon sets

Share your sets with your friends with the press of a button


Enable legal mode at the flip of a switch (coming soon)

No Waiting

Transfer to 3DS is almost instant using the QR Code!

Partial Pokédex

Check Pokémon type, base stats and move sets directly from the app


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